Trapcode Mir v2 for After Effects – Free Beta Download

After Effects Trapcode Mir v2 - Free Beta Download

Red Giant Trapcode is offering a free beta download of their After Effects plugin Mir v2. This plugin generates smoothly shaded objects or flowing organic elements, abstract landscapes and complex nebula structures, and glowing networks of interconnected nodes — all seamlessly integrated with After Effects cameras and lights.

Futuristic City Pack for Video Copilot Element 3D – Free Download

Futuristic City Pack - Video Copilot Video Copilot has released a totally free set of 3D futuristic building models which are all fully compatible with Element 3D. The pack contains a variety of 30 buildings to create stunning futuristic city sky-lines for your next sci-fi visual effects project.

Motion Drop Cinema 4D Plugin – Free Download

Motion Drop - Cinema 4D Plugin Motion Drop is a FREE new plugin from This plugin allows you to create organic looking animated cartoon drops and sweeping lines in Cinema 4D with minimum effort and maximum customization.

Easy Camera for After Effects – Product Preview

‘Easy Camera’ is a new product offering for motion graphic artists that will allow you to quickly animate beautiful cinematic camera moves in After Effects using no special plugins or scripts. This versatile camera rig will give you complete control over the look of your camera animations, impressing your clients and saving you valuable design time.

BOX – Short Film by G-MUNK and Bot & Dolly

BOX is an incredible new short film that explores the synthesis of physical and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The piece is a live performance captured entirely in camera.

Animations for the piece were produced by G-MUNK using the geometric black and white look of optical art as a unifying visual theme.