Lightning Generator – Free Cinema 4D Plugin

Lightning Generator for Cinema 4D

This free Cinema 4D plugin from the talented krotMonster will allow you to animate and customize the look of real 3D lightning quickly and easily. Electricity is a a visual effect that is difficult to make believable, so add this awesome free preset to your arsenal and have fun making cool motion graphics!

Thor : The Dark World – VFX Breakdown

Blur Studio has released a breakdown of their stunning visual effects work on the second installment of the Marvel Films’ Thor franchise. The 3-minute opening battle scene was created almost entirely in post but the characters and environments are hyper-realistic. With a combination of live action footage, digital motion capture and character design, and plenty of skilled compositing, this epic sequence puts the audience right in the middle of the action.

VFX Inspiration – Machenschaft for Toyota Fortuner

Munich based production studio Machenschaft had the challenge of meeting a tight production deadline on this ad for the Toyota Fortuner. After the shoot, there would be only three weeks for visual effects design so they chose to use Trapcode Mir in After Effects instead of 3D software to achieve the abstract flowing shapes in the video.

Trapcode Mir v2 – Free After Effects Plugin

After Effects Trapcode Mir v2 - Free Beta Download

Red Giant Trapcode is offering a beta download of their free After Effects plugin Mir v2. This plugin generates smoothly shaded objects or flowing organic elements, abstract landscapes and complex nebula structures, and glowing networks of interconnected nodes — all seamlessly integrated with After Effects cameras and lights.

BOX – Short Film by G-MUNK and Bot & Dolly

BOX is an incredible new short film that explores the synthesis of physical and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The piece is a live performance captured entirely in camera.

Animations for the piece were produced by G-MUNK using the geometric black and white look of optical art as a unifying visual theme.